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Youth Groups - Job's Daughters International: Once A Princess, Always A Princess

By J Delms 

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What is it?
Job's Daughters International (JBI) is a youth organization for girls and young women aged 10 to 20 who want to belong to an inexpensive self-governing social group of purpose. In addition to its regular activities, it respects and celebrates other cultures. The parents of Its members are welcome at all meetings, ceremonies, and activities.
What does it do?
Job's Daughters helps prepare it members for a productive life while gaining lifetime friends. Some of its specific activities include the following.
  • Learning life skills, e.g., leadership, teamwork, friendship, democracy, self-reliance
  • Involvement in running its own chapters, called Bethels
  • Carrying out basic meeting and organizational procedures
  • Practicing social graces, skills, and norms (with young men, too)
  • Doing community service (food drives, visitations, donations)
  • Raising funds and spending them wisely
  • Charity, e.g., the HIKE Fund (Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment)
  • Participating in various creative endeavors, soft sports, song & dance, social events, and fun activities of choice
  • Getting together with other Bethels and/or select groups for specified purpose or social fun
Who can join?
Unlike its young men's DeMolay counterpart, applicants for Job's Daughters must be related to a Master Freemason. Adoptive or distant relationships count. Candidates must also believe in a supreme being.
JBI's new member initiation ceremony is simple and meaningful. Potential candidates can apply for membership directly through the local Bethels, or through Internet websites.
JBI was founded by Ethyl T. Wead Mick in Omaha, NE, on October 20, 1920. Mother Mick loved the Book of Job, especially the fifteenth verse of Chapter 42: "And in all the land no women found were so fair as the Daughters of Job." With this name reference to his three daughters, she founded the organization with help from her husband, Dr. William Mick, and several Nebraska Freemasons and Eastern Star members. It now has Bethels in several countries.
Dress for regular activities is casual. Yet certain ceremonies and events are formal. These require the wearing of a flowing white Grecian-style gown and dark blue floor-length cape plus a headpiece of some kind, like, a tiara.
Leadership and support.
The local Bethels are central to the organization. They usually meet in Masonic buildings. Each Bethel is self-governed by its membership and elected officers who follow the international bylaws and charter. They elect their own officers, decide their own activities, and plan their own events. The top three officers are called Honored Queen, Senior Princess, and Junior Princess.
Leadership is also provided by adults who serve as members of the Guardian Council. Many of these leaders are the parents of Bethel members, past and present. Others are committed to the organization, and serve for many years. Adult leaders generally stay in the background during meetings and activities. Yet they provide necessary support to the Bethels.
Summary. Job's Daughters promotes friendship among all young women with confidence in themselves through the princessly qualities of honor and virtue while having wholesome fun. To learn more about them, see this site.
Job's Daughters International -
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