Sunday, September 16, 2012

Do You Suffer From Any of These Common Marriage Problems?

By Amanda D Jane 

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Many people get bewildered when they approach any of the common marriage problems that occur within many couples. In fact, this may occur to anyone. If you also have the same feeling that your married life does not seem to be what you believed or predicted, rest assured there are many others feeling the same way. This problem is global. Many couples are putting forth their greatest efforts to solve them on their own, thinking that their situation is unique. A feeling of being alone or embarrassment can easily worsen the danger.
Let us try to take stock of these common marriage issues haunting many couples. They all start with minor problems, but can prove harmful if they remain unattended over a long period of time.
Have you felt your spouse doesn't love you that much now? It is commonly seen that at the time of marriage, the couple seem to believe themselves the best fit for each other, and feel an ocean-deep love in their hearts. But that feeling does not keep up eternally in most cases. As married life grows and the daily chores of life begin to take their hold, this passion starts fading. Strain from work or your career, children and other responsibilities will use up most of your time and energy, leaving less for your spouse. Monetary topics hit the hardest. Though this scenario is quite common, it could lead a person into looking for some alternative method of comfort and soothing, perhaps an affair.
Another very common marriage issue is that couples take each other for granted. You assume that your spouse is, and will at all times be, in the company of you. That seems to be totally natural. However keep in mind, that this kind of idea, or view, could produce some kind of bitterness in your relationship. Each person has a strong longing to be loved, appreciated and respected. Just recall why you got married! Was it not for the same reasons? Taking someone for granted always accompanies a lowering of passionate love. This can be quite damaging. Unfortunately, when you at last realize this and get prepared to make things correctly, it's already too late. You are alone by then!
You might not find time to spend with your spouse in this rapid and hectic life. Another common marriage crisis faced by couples these days is this lack of, or poor communication. Many people do not seem to have the required ability to communicate, not even to their husband/wife. Persons who have the skill may possibly find it difficult to spare some time for this idea. Sometimes, the couple is very reluctant to talk to the point. They may be discussing everything and anything else, yet it would turn out that they haven't been conversing about their problems or issues in their married life. All of these situations may prove unsafe in the long run and make your partner develop a feeling of being alone or being ignored. You have to bring about the change, and immediately too.
If you think that you are facing any of these topics, you still have time to take hold of the situation. You must initially distinguish what's going on and then do your best to resolve the crisis. Bear in mind, it is not at all too late to fix!
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