Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Relationship Advice - Imagination Can Ruin Your Marriage

Basic Author Chen Karmely

This article deals with the impact of driffting in to bad imagination and the bad impact this can have osver your marrige.

Have you found yourself day dreaming about a fight or angry argument with your husband? Woman tend to think deeply about their argument or fights, living the scene over and over again, presenting their side and even shouting (in their imagination or for real!) about their husband.
This can happen of course to any one after an emotional storm like a fight or an argument. But sometimes these thoughts are taking a life of their own, and we found our self repeat these thoughts about the argument or fight over and over again, reconstructing your anger and frustration.
After that you just forget about the whole thing and get back to your own business, but when you see your husband phone number on the cellular cover, you get an unpleasant and even hostile emotion toward him. Later on you will get angry about some non sense and the two of you will fight or argut because of it.
Does this scenario sound familiar to you?
This is the effect of your drifting in your day dreaming
  • Day dreaming can happen to anyone. All man and woman tend to get carried away in their imagination, but these little time fraction that we are "lost" in our imagination, can be distractive to your relationships in general and especially to your marriage.
  • Everyone heard about positive thinking, but without getting totally in to this, and without over appreciate its power, I think it will be fair to say that negative thinking is bad.
  • Imagination is powerful, the mind is conditioned to certain behaviors and certain feelings. When your mind recognizes the situation he is familiar with, all the emotions that are associated with this situations will arise and will probably lead you towards a fight or an argument.
  • Now you probably familiar with the feeling of finding yourself arguing about something that is not really a concern to you.
  • Studies that were make on professional base ball players have shown that imagining themselves performing perfectly, has activated the same areas of the brain as if they were actually playing on the field and later their performance improved as if they were really practicing.
  • This experiment was re validated several times on children as well.
So what does this article wants to say?
Your must be probably asking yourself.
Well, as we said before, we some time condition our own selves (our minds) to perform this way or the other, and even to feel this way or the other, so when we are drifted away in our thoughts, and you imagine your husband doing something that makes you angry, and then you imagine yourself getting angry, and arguing with him.
Well you will probably find yourself very soon be doing just that.
What to do then?
We will be answering this question in part 2 to this article.
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